Mehndi | Henna Ceremony


Mehndi | Henna Ceremony

Is basically an event where the guests, family, and friends of the bride and groom go up to them and apply the henna ceremony paste on their hands Sometimes they will have leaves on their palm where guests can put the henna instead of putting it on their bare hand.

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Mehndi Henna Ceremony in Indian cultures, a wedding isn’t just one big day it’s occurring before and after the couple exchange vows. The Mehndi party is one of the most vibrant and essential of the parties. Mehndi or henna is an ancient form of body art, originating in Bangladesh | India | Pakistan and across South Asia and the Middle East. A Mehndi party is the in Hindu and Sikh culture when the bride has the red-orange Mehndi stain applied to her palms, back of hands, and feet. Typically held the day before the wedding the event often has a lounge feel, with colorful pillows. Although these parties were traditionally held in the bride’s home, today’s bride is opting to host it at an outside venue. Follow on Instagram

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There’s a reason the party occurs so close to the ceremony Tradition says the deeper the color of the bride’s Mehndi the happier the bride and groom’s marriage will be. Designs symbolize various blessings adding that the groom’s name is usually hidden somewhere in the intricate patterns. But can be smaller depending on the bride and her family. Because of this, it is not the event to be fashionably late for Guests can often opt to have henna applied Because Mehndi application can take a long time entertainment is a must. There’s generally Indian music and dancing & traditionally. Contact us. Arabic | Afghan | Bengali | Hindu | Singh | Muslim.

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henna | mehndi ceremony
henna mehndi ceremony

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